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Where are we now?

So where does this leave our heroic heroes? I don’t know either. Some consulting is needed…Remagogel and Dlichtnevda will come… but who knows when? Where will the next place our heroes venture to be? We WILL find out….Because it’s time to party…

Posted by: legogamer | July 27, 2009

A.T.W.I.L.T Recap

Everything in Atwilt begins NOW! Also the Eiffel Tower is in Paris not London

Today i will be traeling 2 JAPAN!!! KON (from bleach) will show me around.

“YES! I just got off that LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGG flight and now i’m in JAPAN!!!”

“YO! Adventchild, lets go!!!!”

“OK!, KON lets go!!”

(on the walk there) “Umm, Adventchild I,er umm Ichigo does not sort of know

that your coming…… “

(rapidly steps on Kon.)”U dumpid stuffed lion- bear tihing”

“Adventchild why are you  steping on a dumpid stuffed lion-bear thing? That seems unlike- actually very like you.”


” Yeah, I was on a buisness trip getting my $1,000,000 dollar bill back. It was stolen and taken here.”

” Hmm….about that…tee hee?” said Adventchild.

” Are you suggesting-”

” Yes! Kon did take you’re million dollar bill! Now quick let’s quickly change the subject before I- I mean Kon gets arrested by the police that are behined you! Let’s visit Nintendo!”

At nintendo:

” WROAR! I am Venasuar the coolest pocketmonster ever! You’re not allowed in you-”

BANG! Legogamer shoots Venasuar vith a Tranquilizer. Then, The EPA and Kon show up.

” There they are! Get em!” said Kon!

Legogamer and Adventchild run, and end up in square enix’ employee only luxury lounge. They open the door, and find Zack and Aerith making out.

” Okay, we respect your privacy, so-”

” Legogamer, move over, i’m  *holding camera* trying to get a better shot of them Kissing.”

” Wha- Adventchild you idiot! ONly take pictures of people kissing unless someone hires you to do it!”

” But someone did! It was ‘Supersmashkart9′ from

* Legogamer, holding laptop, on Supersmashkart9 account.

” Uh…about that…” said Legogamer.

*Zack and Aerith still kissing*

” Do they even here us?”

” Yeah, and shouldn’t you inturupt us?” said Zack, who pulls away from Aerith. Zack turns around to return to kissing with Aerith, only to see Aerith making out with Sephiroth.

” Aerith! Sephiroth killed us! ” says Zack.

” But he iss sooo hot!” says Aerith.

Cloud busts in.

” Sephiroth!…?…What, we were playing Supersmash bros!? Seiriously! What do you think we were…”

” Yes, we should get back to that. Sorry to end our relationship thats been going behind zack’s back for a year so soon, but…i have to unlock wolf for cloud. He paid me!!” said Sephy.

” Roxas, stop messing with my computer!” said Adventchild.

We beat the snot out of roxas for messing with Adventchild’s laptop. So Adventchild went to Cloud’s room

and looked at his diary.. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”said Adventchild

as he flipped through Cloud’s diary…

After Adventchild looked at Cloud’s diary, he went to the Kingdom Hearts room.

knock knock

(Axel opens door) “Hello?”

“Hi i’m Adventchild and i am a big fan so……”

“You was mean to Roxas!!!!!!!!”

(Axel chases Adventchild) ” DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!

(Adventchild runs into a random room and locks door from inside)  “Haa-Haa”

“You don’t need to be mean!!!!”

“Now to do something Egicashinol!!!!!

(crawling through the air vent)”To the girls bathroom I go!”



“But how did you…”

Ah. I’m back. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go!

IN the Square enix girl’s bathroom…

” Tch.. I can’t belive I’m doing this. It feels so wron-” started Legogamer.

” Hi guys!”

” Artix!?” Adventchild and Legogamer yell.

” Hey Artix! I HAVE POPCORN!” yelled Adventchild.


After they did that…

” Fun. Think there are any other boys in here-” said Adventchild.

Vincent pops out of girl’s stall.

” VINCENT?!!??” said Legogamer.

Vincent held up his gun.

” You must be Legogamer and Adventchild. I will help you two, Zack, Cloud, Artix, and Aerith escape. After all, I have this,” Vincent reloads revolver, ” and It will help us.”

Vincent, Adventchild and Legogamer run out of the bathroom and head towards the room in which they entered. Then, they suddenly notice Artix sitting on the floor in the hallway with a Simpsons episode playing on his portable DVD player. He had 48 gallons of super-mega-uttered popcorn next top him. Adventchild rushes over quick as the flash  grabs the popcorn hiding it all in his magic pocket.

” We have go this way, out past nintendo. I here they’re already looking for you. What did you do to mess them up this time, idiots?” said Vincent, with a smirk on his face.

” Nothin…” said Adventchild in reply.

” We tranquilized their front desk manager, Vensaur.” said Legogamer.

” Oh, not him again.”muttered Vincent.

” Yeah…him. And the E.P.A. and Kon from bleach are also after us.” said Adventchild, with an innocent little grin.

” Great. Do you mind if I shoot them?” asked Vincent.
” No! No! That will not necessary! Just avoid them. I’ll get Artix-” said Legogamer.

” Here I am!” yelled Artix. And the set off for the Japanese Airport.

Vincent, Adventchild and Legogamer run out of the bathroom and head towards the room in which they entered. Then, they suddenly notice Artix sitting on the floor in the hallway with a Simpsons episode playing on his portable DVD player. He had 48 gallons of super-mega-uttered popcorn next top him. Adventchild rushes over quick as the flash  grabs the popcorn hiding it all in his magic pocket.

” We have go this way, out past nintendo. I here they’re already looking for you. What did you do to mess them up this time, idiots?” said Vincent, with a smirk on his face.

” Nothin…” said Adventchild in reply.

” We tranquilized their front desk manager, Vensaur.” said Legogamer.

” Oh, not him again.”muttered Vincent.

” Yeah…him. And the E.P.A. and Kon from bleach are also after us.” said Adventchild, with an innocent little grin.

” Great. Do you mind if I shoot them?” asked Vincent.
” No! No! That will not necessary! Just avoid them. I’ll get Artix-” said Legogamer.

” Here I am!” yelled Artix. And the set off for the Japanese Airport.

Vincent shot through the hordes of evil Nintendo minions as Legogamer and Adventchild made their way behind him.

” pant…pant…. We’re ALMOST to the airport. There it is. See?” said Vincent.

” Yeah. And the plane is… TAKING OFF!??” screeched Artix. Vincent ran with Artix, Legogamer, and Adventchild behind him. They got on the plane..thinking they were safe. Until Sephiroth destroyed the engine. And the Plane crashed in Europe. In London, actually.

Sephiroth leapt from the plane, just as it crashed in london. Legogamer jumped and attacked with a small dagger.

” Argh! Get over here, you mutated monster creep! Fight like a man, not a sissy!” yelled Legogamer. Sephiroth leapt and slashed, as Legogamer swiftly avoided him. He pulled out a gun and shot Sephiroth.

“That was MY job!” screamed Vincent. Sephiroth fell to the ground…

” What the heck! SOMEONE WHO WAS NOT ME SHOT SEPHY?!?!?!?!?” yelled Vincent.

“Yeah.” said Legogamer.

“FINE! (sobs)” said Vincent.

Legogamer, Adventchild, and the ‘gang’ went to a car rental place and used 1 Cajillon dollars ( one millionth of what Legogamer made from his best-seller… Around the world in along time!?) on a luxury rental car, rented for a million years. They drove past the eiffel tower which had government agents pouring out..? Then, the car stopped and a secret (NOT government) agent jumped into the car.

” HEY!! Superbravepanda! Haven’t seen u in a while.” said Adventchild. SO everyone introduced themselves. Just then, they noticed they forgot Zack, Cloud, and Aerith. But who cares. They had lunch, and tried to get into the eiffel tower, but it was closed.(?) So they broke in, to invetigate. Government agents were everywhere. Superbravepanda looked enough like them to sneak everyone in as prisoners. The ‘government justice society’ as they called themselves, was very suspicious. They were working on an anti-video game destroy all game characters! (Vincent and Artix wince)

Superbravepanda, Adventchild, Legogamer bashed up some guards and put on their outfits. Superbravepanda just bashed up some guards, because he already had an appropriate outfit. They walked through the ‘reasearch’ room, gathering bits of information as they went. Then, Legogamer found something…er, useful.

” It’s an anti video gun prototype.” said Legogamer.

” Huh? Prototype?” said Adventchild.

“Yeah. It should work completely, because I’ve studied all of the papers and edited it. See, It Zaps one person at a time, just like any other gun. But then it stores video game characters here. So Vicent, (who seems to be dissapearing and appearing very frequently ) I could Zap you and store you here, then press  this to release you. This will be very handy if we meet any bad guys who happen to be video game characters. But this Government Justice Society seems suspicious.” said Legogamer. Then, the Government Justice Society sign fell, revealing the (Not government) Anti Justice Society!

” Uh oh….” said Vincent.

Vincent stared up at the sign in fear. Then, something in a black cloack came rushing by.

” Hey, does that look like a certain someone from Organization 13?” said Legogamer.

“Hey Manse-Xemnas! I haven’t seen you in forever!” said Adventchild.

” Hello, Adventchild. I am infiltrating this area as well. Why don’t I come with you?” said Xemnas.

” O.k. but who is behind all this?” asked Legogamer.

“  A twosome of very evil Masterminds..” said Xemnas.

Then, Legogamer, Vincent, Adventchild, and Artix. all said something different at the same time.

” Hillary and Bill Clinton?!?!?” said Adventchild.

” Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen?!” said Legogamer.

” Kon from Bleach?!” said Vincent.

” Obi-Wan Kenobi!?” said Artix.

” Who’s Hillary Clinton?” asked Xemnas.

Artix just noticed Xemnas and said.

” Hey Man-” Legogamer cut Him off.

” Xemnas! Xemnas, my man!” said Legogamer.

” We have to get to the evil Mastermind’s office. Then, we’ll Sabotage them…”

Xemnas, Legogamer, Adventchild, Vincent, Superbravepanda, and Artix made their way along the corridors, slaying (Not Government) Anti Justice Society Members.  Legogamer simply shot everyone he saw with a tazer. Adventchild killed with a sword. Vincent used that wierd materia that he uses in FFIIV Advent children ( The red streak thing) and Artix…strangley, turned 8-bit pixel, grabbed a hammer, turned the bad-guys into donkey kong, and ground-pounded them all.

” How the @#&!#!! did you do that!?!?” said Adventchild.

” I…uh…did it?” said Artix, looking confused.

They made it to the office, and saw to Cloaked figures…

” Master…we have to destroy Drake Bell and Jamie Lynn Spears… then you will be the ultimate-”

” We’re here to stop you!!” said Legogamer. Then, the cloaks fell…only to reveal..

TO BE CONTINUED! ( Haha! Just kidding. )

Hannah Montana and Axel?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

” What the @&*&*! !” screamed Adventchild.

” You are purely evil!” said Adventchild and Legogamer at the same time. Everyone hides I-pods mysteriously.

” Ha Ha! You’re a slave to a girl!!” said Xemnas to Axel.

” We can say stuff like this because we haveno girls on our team.” said Superbravepanda. Then, as if on que, Aerith, Zack, Cloud and Roxas jumped into the room.

” We’re here to Help!!” said Aerith.

” What’s the text 2 lines above what I’m saying now????” Said Aerith, leaving.

Then, Hannah Montana announced a Contest.

” Karioke off. Now. Me. Axel. All you dweebs.” said Hannah.

” FYI, we’re superdweebs.” said Vincent.

” Speak for your self, Vincent Valentine.” said Legogamer.

” So you are the Vampire-valentine fairy!!” said Adventhchild.

” You’re a Vampire…?!” said Axel, and shoots him with a Super Soaker ‘Hydro Holy’.

” I was supposed to do that!” said Adventhchild. And the Karioke off began…

First up was Axel, singing Nobody’s Perfect.

“Everybody Makes Mistakes, Everybody Has those days. 1, 2, 3, 4!

Everybody Makes Mistakes, Everybody has those days. Everybody knows what, what I’m talkin’ bout Everybody get’s that way…” Axel continued singing horribly.

Cloud was up next, with the CLoud song.

” My name is Cloud , I have a sword, I slahed Cactuars, because I’m bored. I like to ride, on chocobos, it’s better than…” Cloud kept up his AMAZING (Adventchild is making exaggerate greatly here ” He’s my friend”, he says.) singing. Then, It was Zack’s turn with…

” Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me Doncha wish your girlfriend was se-” Zack was cut off.

” NEXT!” said Everybody. Xemnas was up.

” This is why I’m hot, hot, this is why, this is why, this is why I’m hot, hot-” sang Xemnas, but, like Zack, was cut off.

” NE-E-E-E-EXXXXT, EXXXXT!” said Everyone. Artix sang…the Artix song.

” My name, my name is Artix, I have a big sword, so I can do stuff, when I’m bored. I do, I do lot’s of stuff, all kinds of fun things, that are re-eally cool. Because I like cheese. Wurd.” Sang Artix. No comments. (This song was written by Adventchild and Legogamer.)

Hannah was next.



Then, was Roxas.

” Ummm…..I don’t know…I had a heart Attack? Bleah….” said Roxas.

The was Superbravepanda.

” Yea Yea Yea….I used, pink bath robe a rare, mint snow globe, a smurf, TV tray, I bought it, on Ebay…”

“Our turn!” said Legogamer and Adventchild in unison.

” Miley Cyrus a list celebrity got more fame than Jhon F. Kennedy, Make A hundred billion dollars like bill gates….” They kept singing wonderfully but…

” I will now announce the winner…Hannah and Axel!” said a mysteriously unknown announcer.

” BOOH!” Said everyone else. Just then….

” Hi. My name’s Drake Bell.” said Drake.

” D-d-d-d-drake….I h-h-hate YOU!” said Hannah.

” YAY!” said Everyone.

” Well, Hello, let’s go, everybody must know, love’s in my heart like a bomb, It’s blowin’ a song in side I’m sing-ing-in’ sunshine that you’re bringin’ now, cause’ it makes me happy, make’s me wanna sing….

Listen to the radio, playing back in stereo sounds like my fave-orite song, I’m hummin’ along, my head is ring-in, an I just can’t stop singin, now cause’ it makes me happy…

Living in a daydream, show you what it all means, spending some time, in the sun, let’s get up and run, it’s just begining, (good guys sing and play guitar along) And I just stop singing now, cause it makes me happy…” Drake bell continues singing, hannah screeching and covering her ears.


” Hey! And who was that announcer…I don’t see Roxas anywhere….”Roxas shows up, hiding a megaphone down his pants…

” You’re on our team, Roxas?!?!” said Adventchild.

” Sorry, but Hannah is soooo HOT!” said Roxas.

Hannah and Axel snuck away in the mist of conversation.

Drake bell let the gang ride his super-private jet!

” We’re about to land in california!!” said Adventchild. But, the plane made a sudden turn, and they landed in Hawaii.

” Hawaiii’s better then Californi-” Drake bell dumped everyone off the plane and flew off.

” Hawaii! Hey Jeero, look it’s hawaii!” said Adventchild. Jeero is his Uglydoll who is alive thanks to Cloud’s ‘Accidental’ thundaga. He sleeps alot, so that’s why you haven’t seen him.

” JEERO!” said Jeero, excitedly.

” Hey, I can use a cajillion dollars to get our luxury rental teleported here!’ said Legogamer. And it was done. Vincent, Artix and Cloud sat around watching DVD’s in the car, while Superbravepanda, Adventchild, and Legogamer planned the trip. Then, they arrived at the hotel, and Zack, Artix, and Cloud started talking.

“ Um… we’re going to a…er…” started Zack.

” Adult place, Adventchild, Superbravepanda, Legogamer and Vincent. And er you can’t com-” started Cloud.

” DUDE!? I’M 30!?” said Vincent.

” Yes, but you’re a vampire. In human years, you’re uh….2.” said Artix.

” What the- I AM GONNA KILL YOU!” said Vincent. But sadly, before he could, they left to their ‘Adult Place.’ So Adventchild said.

” I’m gonna bring Jeero to Happy Jacks. I hope he can find a friend there…Wanna come?” said Adventchild.

” nah, we’re gonna find out where the guys are.” said Everyone. So Adventchild left.

They followed Zack, who left to go to the bathroom, back to the…hotel pool? Everyone went in…but Vincent. Adventchild came back, and even Jeero came.

” Why did you say this was an adult place.” said Superbravepanda.

” You IDIOT! And just where did you go to college? THAT SIGN SAID 7 & UP! I THOUGHT WE’D GET PRIVACY!!” yelled CLoud.

” I thought it said 20.” said Artix. Then, Vincent broke the rules and came in with his girlfriend. And, some hot girls came and everyone had…fun.

” We can still make comments like the line above becau-” Again, as if on que, Aerith came in the door.

” Hey everyone! I’m here- Wait a minute. I’m outta here.” said Aerith.

” Now what I am gonna do. I should really go get her-” said Zack.

” HEY ZACK! HERE’S A HOT ONE FOR YA!” said Legogamer.

” Nevermind. Let’s go-go-go…” said Zack. Everyone had fun. Exept Vincent and his girlfriend who was also half-vampire.

” HOW DID YOU KNOW WE WERE 2 IN HUMAN!!!” said Vincent.

” I have this chart that says’ Vamp Years’. It tells how old vampires are! 15=1.” So the Lifegaurd moved them to the kiddie pool.

So after everyone (except vincent and his girl) had fun, the left and went back to the hotel room to have fun. They watched TV, ordered pizza, ate it, wrestled each other over who could get a girl easiest (I’m gonna say me….:-) ), went to bed but didn’t, stayed up till 2 in the morning, and slept till 9 in the morning.

Then, on the news, was an important newscast:

” Reports of E.V.I.L have been going around hawaii like….i don’t know what. EVIL (Evil Virus Inside Lepricons) Infects all the good lepricons of lepriconland Hawaii and makes them attack!” Then, Vincent shut off the TV.

” It’s action time…”

” EVIL???” said Adventchild.

” Yeah, Evil Virus Inside leprcions!” said Cloud.

” I HATE LEPRICONS! THEIR BOSS, CRINKO THE COOKIE MAKING-FUN LOVER TRIED TO KILL ME!!!” said Vincent. Legogamer looked at the map. Somewhere beside the ‘Great Super-fun amusement park of doom’ was the Lepriconville, or whatever. So They all hopped into the car, ignoring Vincent’s shrieks of anger. They drove 5000 miles so they could reach Lepriconville (or land or town, etc, etc…). There was a ‘NO COOL GUYS BY THE NAMES OF LEGOGAMER ADVENTCHILD VINCENT CLOUD SUPERBRAVEPANDA AND JEERO ALOUD’ sign. They ignored it, using one of Superbravepanda’s mines to blow it up.

” Wow Legogamer! When you said these mines were ‘Guaranteed to explode instantly’ you really meant it!” said Superbravepanda.

” Yes, well all of my inventions are guaranteed.” said Legogamer. Inside was the most scary thing in all of the world….

Lepricons with black uniforms, red eyes and ponies lining up to destroy Hawaii.

” Le-le-lep-” started Vincent.

“RICONS!” said Everyone else.

” We have to stop them! It’s gonna be hard, because there aren’t 50 of us!!” said Cloud.

” Then we’re gonna have to cheat!” said Legogamer.

” What do you mean?” asked Adventchild.

” We use this!” Legogamer Held up a small metal video game.

” We can amplify the games powers to give US the superpowers! Now, there are 50 different powers, do everyone choose.” Vincent chose thepower to turn himself steel, Superbravepanda chose invisibility, Adventchild chose super slaughter, Cloud chose flight, Zack chose Supersonic speed, Artix chose a supersized holy wasabi can, and Legogamer chose the power of shadows.

” Hey Lepricons! Over here!” said Superbravepanda. But just as they looked, he turned invisible. Then, he grappled over the lepricons, and used one of Legogamer’s anti-pony bombs. BANGKAPOWCABLAMTASTIC! The ponies dropped…dead, or something, and the lepricons pulled out solid gold machine guns, firing simuletaniously. So, Vincent turned metal, and the bullets all bounced back at them. Then, Cloud  grabbed Zack, and they combined powers for supersonic flight. They flew past, dazzeling them all. Then, Adventchild went down and slaughtered half of them, artix, drowned them in holy wasabi…and Legogamer finished them off in an excruciatingly painful and dark way.

” WE DID IT!” they all shouted.

” And there were like 50 of them!!” said Vincent.

The heroes clapped and cheered and partay-ed their way to the hotel pool. Where they met up with their new not-exactly girlfriends. They partay-ed through the pool. Then, they went back to their hotel room. It had 10 bedrooms. So they each slept in their own room and woke up to Legogamer setting up a 50 feet table with all kinds of bacon, pancakes, eggs, cereals, and cheeses. So they ate went outside. E.V.I.L. was reeking havoc. And we thought the Lepricons were dead.

” Do we still have our powers?” asked Vincent.

” We should have them for the rest of eternity.” said Legogamer.

” Good…” started vincent. But then he turned metal and created an earthquake.

” But not good for them.” said Vincent.

Legogamer and Adventchild merged powers for Shadow Slaughter. Tiny little ghosties flew around the area with little tiny swords slashing at E.V.I.L. Artix dumped all the holy wasabi he had on E.V.I.L. They then cowered in the corner of a building. So Zack finished them off with Firaga. BANG! And that’s that. They were finis- Not exactly finished. A giant Lepricon Robot  appeared with lots of E.V.I.L.s in it.  There was holes in it’s arms where little solid gold grenade launchers, cannons and machine guns appeared. So, Superbravepanda set to work. He turned invisible and placed mines in all of the gun barrels. He Blasted out the robot’s eyes, which made more lepricons (or E.V.I.L.s) come out.  Then, in the P.O.G.( Pony operated generator) Superbravepanda placed 4 Anti Pony bombs. He quickly grappled out of the thing.  EXPLODIFYCATIONPOWKABANG! The robot exploded into many different fireorks. So the heroes rushed back to trhe hotel room to get their things. Except Artix.

” Well… I really like Hawaii, so I’ll be staying out our 1,000,000 year rental here. If you need me, call me.” said Artix. The heroes said their goodbyes, and zipped toward the plane faster than Zack. And dude, that’s purty fast. So they took off for their homes…But, you should know by now, that the plane took a sudden turn and landed them in california.

“So, we were going to England! And it turned and landed in C.A.??” Said Vincent.

” The plane…is your Master. It has it’s ways.” said the Flight Attendant.

” If no-one’s driving the plane, then aren’t we gonna crash into the empire state building??” said Vincent.

” The Empire State building is NOT in California.” said Legogamer. Yet it was…

” Oh no. She’s back. She used her overpriced commercials, Over-rated teen Drama, Outrageous concerts, and horrible music….It’s H@nn@h Montan@! ( using @ so I don’t get spam.)” said Legogamer…

” Sieriously. With her Overrated Teen-Drama and Overpriced concert tickets, she could make a hundred of those!” said Adventchild. Vincent Whimpered. Cloud and Zack muttered something about the Empire State building  being orange, but everyone else ignored them.

” Why can’t we be in Beijing watching the Olympic Games instead of about to crash into a building?” said Legogamer Angrily. But a lightbulb appeared over vincent’s head. He had seen Ponies in the plane….so He and Cloud created a POG (Pony Operated Generator) To make the engine stronger. He stuck the Pog in the engine, and then…..The plane zoomed up, and landed perfectly. How Vincent made this happen, no one knows….

“Ok Men. We have to March in there and take-em out!” said Legogamer as they Stood outside of the not justice society Empire State Building 2.0 . Everyone ( they had all saved their fake Uniforms) stood at attention, powers at the ready. Legogamer, wearing his camo uniform sipped his Raspberry iced tea. It was Delicious.  They walked in, waving hi as other members would wave and say “Oh, hey Bob!” or, “Haven’t seen ya in a while, Jake!”. They alked along to the control room….Where the had transported the anti videogame gun. Axel was lounging, talking to Hann@h Montana and eating chips. The Team Broke in.

” What the heck are you creeps doing in MY new mansion??” asked (We’ll Just say HM) HM.

‘We are here to stop you!” said Adventchild.

‘Then this calls for a…SING-OFF 2.0!” said HM.

“Then….I will go first!” said Cloud.

The Heroes continued to sing horribly (except for Jeero) to power the Mech. HM sung horribly too. But then, Something blasted down through the sky! It was WIERD AL MECH-OVICH! Wierd Al sung inside his Mech. The Mecha blasted Hannah out of Mech. She went flying, only to land captive in the Gijeero. Wierd Al continued to take out Axel. The tied her up.

“Grrrr! Should’t you guys be in School?” asked Hannah. Artix, Vincent, Cloud, Zack, and Superbravepanda mysteriously dissapered.

” Run Back to Canada Bravepanda, Run Back-” started Adventchild.

” But He doesn’t live in-”

“RUN BACK TO CANADA!” Then, A heli came and Locked them up. The pilot was….A TEACHER!!


So, our heroes Legogamer and Adventchild sat in the helicopter, with their hands restrained. The Teacher/Pilot sang ‘Bob’ll Be A’ Comin Here Today’ an original song, he called it, by himself. He also told them all about their new and positively Delicious school. They groaned. Just then, under Adventchild, something Green moved. Pop! Jeero hopped onto his head.

“JEERO! (Whispers the rest) Ok buddy. Do u still have that magical paint I gave u for you 2nd bithday? If u do, paint my sword like a pencil!” said Adventchild. Jeero painted the sword. Legogamer Graoned. The Heli landed. And they were back at ‘BORING AND TOTALLY EDUCATIONAL AND NOT FUN ACEDEMY FOR PEOPLE WHO HATE LEGOGAMER AND ADVENTCHILD’. The Teacher Stood up and unlocked their handcuffs.

” Show me everything you have, Mr. Lego Gamer.” said the Teacher whos name was Mr. Powalskii. Legogamer held up his gunblade.

“Sorry Mr. Lego Gamer. We don’t Bring Guns to school. That’s mean. We don’t be mean or funny here.”

“Bu…..Buuut…..But Proffeser, this is my special gunblade!” said Legogamer.

“I don’t care! We do not bring guns to school!!” said Powalskii.

“But it’s not a gun, sir! It’s a blade! Kinda like a spork!’ said Legogamer.


“So, my gunblade’s a Knaspork?” said Legogamer.

” Yes. Now that you put it that way, you may go. Go into class 233.” said Powalskii.

” Now, you Mr. Advent Child. That is an awfully big pencil. And we don’t bring Pets to school.” said Powalskii.

” JEERO IS MY FRIEND AND EQUAL! And my pencil is…er…um not big!” Adventchild.

“Ok. Yes, it is. Is it a sword?” asked Powalskii. (We’ll just say Prof. P.)

” NO! I got it limeted edition from…Pencils R Us!” said Adventchild.

“Ok. Jeero can stay. Go to class 233. NOW!” said Prof. P. Adventchild ran.

In class 233, there were a bunch of huge kids who were about 8 feet tall. They all wore ‘We hate Legogamer and Adventchild’ T shirts. They stared at the two Heroes. But a long forget kind-of friend was at the back of the class….AERITH! They walked to her.

” What are you doing here?” Questioned Legogamer.

” Oh…I was captured and put here. You too?” said Aerith.

” Yeah. Wanna help us escape-AHHH!” said Legogamer. A large kid put shackles all over Legogamer and chained him to the front of the wall. Adventchild held up his sword to the kid.

‘EEK!” the kid left, screaming. The teacher taught them some boring math lesson that they would probably never need in their lives.

“And that concludes our boring Math Lesson that you will probably never need again in your lives. Lunch break!” Said the Teacher. Legogamer was unshackled and Adventchild looked out the window. A small mine was planted on the outside of the window…? A small flash of black streaked across the window. Legogamer came to look also. Then, the black streak came again, scribbling the message ‘MOVE NOW IF YOU WANNA ESCAPE.’ So they moved.

” I’ll stay here. Go to the lunchroom and get Aerith.” said Legogamer. Adventchild ran. The window exploded just as he did. And outside the window stood Vincent, Cloud, Zack, and Superbravepanda, and an un-named fling Rhinocorus named Crackers. (Me and Adventchild used to write comic books-Crackers was a character.) Adventchild ran back into the room. Aerith yelped at crackers. They all hopped on leaving the message ‘THIS SCHOOL IS A BIG *BEEP* *BEEEEEP* *BEEEEEEEP*’.  They left, fling on crackers, and landed on the road. There stood a portal. A mysterious portal that was not big, did not say PORTAL HERE, did not say portal tis way, and was small. Just kidding. It said all those things, and was huge. They walked in……

POP POP! Everyone first noticed the Scenery. It was strange…And Legogamer and Adventchild first noticed everyone seemed taller. And…everything else seemed bigger too. And…Artix was missing.

” Er…Legogamer, Adventchild….” said Cloud. He was perfectly normal, but bigger.

“You are uahh……kirbies.” said Zack. Legogamer looked at himself. He was blue. And small. With stubby arms. And Adventchild was metal gray. The were kirbies. Welcome to kirbyland.

So our heroes ventured through Kirbyland. It was beautiful. Just then…King Dedede jumped out of nowhere!!

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…….OMG I have so gotta get a hobby. WA HA HA HA HA-” started King dedede.

“Okay, First you start with Ha ha ha and then end with Wa ha ha?” said Lego-Kirby, jumping from behined Vincent’s leg. then, he noticed Artix was missing……


“Hey Guys! I’m Back! I had to take a Potty break over by that tree. guys?” said Artix, wandering in circles around the portal.


Advent-kirby jumped out to.

“Ha ha ha? That is soooo funny I forgot to laugh.” said Adventkirby.

“Well, Wa ha ha works for Wario so….” said Dedede.

“But wait a minute? There was never 2 kirbies…?” said Dedede.


“Hmm…..Yummy Cheese.” *Kirby Munches Cheese*. “Somehow, I have a sudden Feeling that two other Kirbies have come to this land to relive me of my duties and that I should somehow become friends with the real Dedede because i somehow know that the new Kirbies are confronting a fake one.” said Kirby, rubbing his…Chin…?

“Hmm…..I think Kirby retired.” said Adventkirby. He used a huge missle wave at Dedede. Just then, Dedede kidnapped Vincent, Aerith, Zack, and Cloud!! And stuffed them into the folds of his belly!

“WA HA  HA HA HA HA AHA AH AHA!” said Dedede helplessley. He ran off. Superbravepanda had folded himself behined Adventkirby and stood up.

At least I didn’t get kidnaped…It’s time for Kirby and Kirby to learn their powers.


Here it is! the parody of The Legend of Zelda: minish Cap!

ONce upon a time, in the land of Mypool(hehe…instead of hyrule…get it?), lived a young soldier kid named Legogamer. He walked along, doing chores and chatting with his pals. One day, he went to the Mini Forest. Inside, it was very tiny. There, he met a small dood named mini.

“Who, young fool, are you?” asked Mini, holding up his cap.

“I am Legogamer, soldier of Mypool! I have come to pick flowers for Yelda, my princess girlfriend!” said Legogamer.

“I am Mini, king of the Midgetlingz! We are friends together, and hate lepricons! Especially those with machine guns!” said Mini. Then, Legogamer hit him, took his hat, and ran away. Mini growled.

“BEFOULED STINKIN &^%^$#% IDIOT! DIE YOU **&(*%$(*_!” He yelled. Then he took out a rifle and started to shoot. Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!  Legogamer nimbly dodged and saw Yelda coming toward him.

“Hi Yelda! I brought you a…Hat!” he said. When Yelda put it on, she got tiny!

“YOU FREAK! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?” Yelled Yelda. Legogamer grinned sheepishly and ran off, taking out a lepricon outfit and a machine gun.

“DIE YOU ^#(*&(^%^! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!” said Legogamer. He shot at mini. Mini shot back, putting a hole in legogamer’s tummy.
“Ouchie-ouch-ouch! DIE!” And then gunfight went on until everyone was pooped. The end. Legogamer rocks.

Now, here is the deal. Or friends in Kirbyland were magically teleported out and landed in….HALO???!?!?!?

Master Cheif shook his head. The new recruits to the spartan training center were not doing so well. They had already killed two teachers by accident, and could barely stand shooting without a pun or two first. These…these dispicable fun-loving idiots…were Spartan 556 and 557. These idiots, Legogamer and Adventchild, had only killed two grunts on their first mission. No, no. That’s not fair. The killed 30 each. But the killed most in their own ways.

“SOLDIERS! How you doing there?” Said Master Cheif.

“How you doin’ there, Cheif-io? We just chot 50 training dummies in the training room. It was weird, because they screamed and ran and shouted stop and spilled blood and everything.” said Legogamer. Adventchild Jumped up  and down exitedly.

“We don’t have any training dummies.” said Master Cheif. Then, it hit him. They killed more teachers!

“IDIOTS! Those were humans!” Said Master CHeif. This was gonna be a long day…

Master Cheif and Adventchild and Legogamer walked through the ice place.

“How the heck did we get out of kirbyland?” asked Adventchild.

“WHO CARES IT’S HALO WEEN!” yelled Legogamer.

So Master Cheif led them through the ice place, and into a cave.

“Hey, guys! Let’s…play Monopoly! Here, you wait here while I get the board.” said MC.

“OKAY!” Said Adventchild and Legogamer. Then, the cave door seemed to close.

“I can’t for Monopoly!” Said Adventchild. Then, some Elites came, with Jeero on there tail, blasting them.

“Hey! Do YOU guys wanna play Monopoly?” asked Legogamer.

“Yeah…We,..uh…came with the board. Here, it’s shaped like a gun! Aim at yourself and pull the trigger to roll” said Elite #1.

“Okay! Actually, you go first,  and I’ll roll for you!” said Adventchild. Adventchild shot at the elites.


“Yes! He got in jail!” said Adventchild.

“Ooookay! Get them!” Yelled an elite. They went after the guys!

By The way: Halo, Master Cheif, and other Halo stuff belongs to Microsoft, not me.

Dora belongs to nickolodeon.

And monopoly belongs to…Monopoly.

Jeero belongs to uglydolls.

The remaining elites ran after the guys. Just then…Blast Blast! Jeero! Master Jeero, actually.  They ran from the elites together.

“Jeero! How’d ya get here?” said Legogamer.

“Jeero, jeero. Jeero. Jerro jeero.” said Jeero.

Legogamer took out a needler and shot some of them. There was one left, and Jeero pinned him to the wall.

“Time to Unmask The Villan!” said Ac witha  grin. Legogamer pulled off the mask to reveal…


AHHHHHH! Legogamer screamed.

“J-J-Jeero…” Jeero stuttered. Legogamer called Master Cheif and they dealt with dora…innapropriatley. Meaning…Bye bye, Dora…

This is where we left our heroes…A new advenTure WILl come To us…….

(Only read capital letters….)

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Enter the X…Project X: Zeldaquest…….2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :O :O :O

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