Posted by: legogamer | August 3, 2009

Legogamer part 3

Another shortie, sorry ;]

Bravepanda shouted something about Adventchild, Legogamer, and himself and collapsed. SPG2000 Shouted. Legogamer went over and healed him, and then listened to Bravpanda. He had been attacked: By Remagogel, Dlihctnevda, and then he had barely escaped. Artix went over to him.

“At least HM and E.V.I.L. aren’t after us!” he said. Everyone gasped and shouted: There was a giant green robot, with HM in it, filled with pure E.V.I.L., with a P.O.G.!!!! Everyone growled at Artix. E.V.I.L.s came running out of the doors and windows of the bot attacking everyone when suddenly SPG2000 took out his GIANT FLAME CHAINSAW GUNBLADE! 😀 SPG cut them up into little bits and then Cloud and Vincent came and totally crushed their remains. Then suddenly out of nowhere Crackers the unnamed flying Rhinoscerus flew up and chewed on their bones.

“Hey Crackers!” said Legogamer. Crackers made a loud noise and ran to him and knocked him over but kept running and stepped on Bravepanda and kept running and ran over the E.V.I.L. robot and kept running and ran over Axel who cried like a baby and ran over Hm finally and then he was back by Legogamer, panting.



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