Posted by: legogamer | July 28, 2009

Legogamer: Part 1

As Legogamer and Adventchild were teleported out of Halo world, they were seperated. Legogamer landed with a bang and onto a Pony Operated Generator. Cloud yelped.

“WHAT IN MY NAME ARE YOU DOING HERE?” he asked. Legogamer looked around. He was inside the Jet plane where they had landed in Cali. Vincent walked into the room.

“Uh…Legogamer? This is the weirdest thing since the kiddie pool…Sure it’s him, Cloud?”

“You’re two in Vamp years.” said Legogamer.

“Okay okay okay…It’s him!” said Vincent.

“How did you guys get this thing running?”

“Well, we meet Axel once and he was drowning us with tears and telling us how he got fired, then we started laughing at him- who wouldn’t- so he sent us flying, and we landed next to the jet plane. Taaaa Daaaaa!” said Cloud.

“Hmm…We have to find Zack-” they heard Zack pleading on the phone in another room.

“Please Aerith, Legogamer, Adventchild, Cloud, Vincent, and Superbravepanda didn’t MEAN all that..”

“What do you mean they did? They were just cracking puns…”
“These are very dark times.” said Legogamer. He looked up at the POG. He looked at his hands. There were still armored: He’d forgotten, he still had his armor on! He saw his helmet in the corner of the room. It must have teleported with him.

“Man, if Advent was here we could totally like have so much more funnyness…” he said. The he rummaged through his pocket and pulled out his Gunblade.

“We need to get Artix. And there’s a few other strings I can pull to get us some allies.” said Legogamer.

“On it!” said Vincent. They flew to the Hawaii hotel they were in almost a year ago. They could see Artix in a window watching the Simpsons Movie on TV. Legogamer fired a shot at the window and broke in.

“What are YOU doing here?” he asked surprised-ly.

“Is EVERYONE so surprised that I just show up to help them?” asked Legogamer. Artix grinned.

“Buddy!” he said. Legogamer patted him on the back.

“Come on, we need to get some people ready. To the POG PLANE!” said Legogamer.  They flew a very long way but finally reached the arctic circle where Aerith was relaxing in the bitter, -900 degree weather(in a coat so thick that it was impossible to beleive she could breath), reading an artice:


They picked up Aerith, then went to get another old friend. As they swooshed past Europe, they picked up…



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